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From Students of
Language World, Inc.

Aida at Language World provides a truly wonderful environment for learning Spanish. I have been attending weekly classes for two years now, and look forward to each and every Tuesday evening. What a wonderful mix of straight grammar, conversation, and individual attention! My classmates and I have grown close through this process, and we along with our teacher have an exciting and fun two hours each week.
Sherrie P.

The instructors provide a wonderful and unstressful way to learn a foreign language. Spanish is so important for those of us living in Tucson, and Language World leads the student down an easy path for learning Spanish. The classes are filled with energy and are truly enjoyable.
Marc Borom
Scientist, retired

The conversation class has the atmosphere of the TV series, "Cheers", where everyone knows your name, and they're always glad you came. And, yes, at the same time, you learn.
Tina S.
ESL Teacher

As a fifty-two year old person, who had never spoken a foreign language, I couldn't be happier with "Language World" and with Aida, in particular, for what she has provided for me. I have had Aida for an instructor for eighteen months and my Mexican neighbors here in Rio Rico have stated that my pronunciation and grammar is better than theirs. Thank you Aida
Debbie V.
Health Spa manager

I have been studying Spanish with Aida for about 16 months. What makes Aida different from other Spanish teachers, that I have studied with, is her patience and ability to make learning Spanish easy. Now, I can read, understand, and talk in Spanish.
If you are serious about learning Spanish, I guarantee there is not a better person than Aida. She is easily the best Spanish teacher that I have ever had.
Frederick Solis
Tucson, AZ

I've been enrolled in Aida's Language World Spanish class for two years. Although I'd only intended to take enough classes to reach my 180 units required for recertification credit, the class is so much fun that I've continued. Each week I look forward to attending because Aida and the other students make the class fun. We learn, we speak Spanish, we eat, we laugh and we always find something to celebrate. Aida is an excellent teacher, and I highly recommend Language World!
Lori Minor

I have been attending Aida's Spanish classes only one evening a week for the past four years. I have a busy schedule and can barely spare that 2 hours a week plus any time I may need to do assignments and study. It has truly been worth it! You cannot beat the quality of instruction for the cost of participation. The transition from beginner to conversation-level was smooth and steady. There are no grades, only many red ink corrections and a friendly atmosphere amongst a diverse group of language-learners. My profession as a Speech-Language Pathologist necessitated that I learn Spanish, as many of my clients and families use Spanish only. I initially chose Aida as a teacher because of her years of experience and her emphasis on reading, writing and speaking. I have found her teaching style to be clear and concise; approachable and encouraging.
Joe Violette

I have been taking weekly Spanish lessons from Aida for several years. She is an awesome teacher, who is committed to having her students learn the language in its proper form. Aida cares personally about her students, as well as their learning. She brings a sense of integrity to the lessons, gently challenges you to learn, and generously acknowledges your progress. Education has never been this enjoyable. Aida's classes are a must for anyone interested in learning a new language.
Lyle Rayfield
Jewelry Artist

Aida has been teaching Spanish to the employees of Leoni Wiring Systems for over two years. Her patience, pleasant personality, and easy teaching methods make her a joy to work with. Simply put, Aida's the best. I would highly recommend Language World to anyone wishing to master a new language.
Kip Hanson
Director of MIS
Leoni Wiring Systems, NAFTA

Several years ago after a trip to South America, I came back determined to learn Spanish and to *use* it. I had taken Spanish courses in the past and then not practiced the language. Since I had already been through the Spanish I course at Pima College, I decided to take a few months of conversational Spanish to refresh my memory and then go back to Pima College for Spanish II. I started taking classes at Language World and found that I was learning so much that I decided to stay with Language World. Now, three years later, I am still taking weekly classes, I am able to converse in Spanish when I travel and have been able to communicate with Spanish speaking clients in my business.

I am thrilled and grateful.
Marley Beard