The following copyrighted Crucigramas (crossword puzzles) were created by Language World, Inc. for your enjoyment and practice with the Spanish language. The software used was provided by .

There are three versions of each puzzle.

The first version is an interactive puzzle to be solved on-line.

The second version can be printed along with the list of clues for each word in the puzzle to be solved at your leisure.

The third version contains the puzzle with all the answers. For study purposes, use the third version only

In the following, interactive crucigramas, accented vowels must be entered where required or you will receive an error message when you check the puzzle for accuracy. Use the codes given in the following table for entering the non-English characters. A reminder table will be displayed with each interactive crucigrama.

In any Windows application, combinations of the ALT key plus a numeric code, which must be entered ONLY from the numeric pad, can be used to type a non-English character (accented letter or punctuation symbol).

"ALT+" Codes for typing Spanish characters:
Á ALT+0193
É ALT+0201
Í ALT+0205
Ó ALT+0211
Ú ALT+0218
Ñ ALT+0209
Ü ALT+0220
á ALT+160
é ALT+130
í ALT+161
ó ALT+162
ú ALT+163
ñ ALT+164
ü ALT+151
¿ ALT+168
¡ ALT+173


Pretérito (Past tense)
Version #1: Interactive Pretérito_02: Interactive
Version #2: Printable Puzzle Pretérito_02: PrintablePuzzle
Answers: Use only as a last resort Pretérito_02: Answer Sheet

Futuro (Future tense)
Version #1: Interactive Futuro_01: Interactive
Version #2: Printable Puzzle Futuro_01: PrintablePuzzle
Answers: Use only as a last resort Futuro_01: Answer Sheet

Imperfecto (imperfect tense)
Version #1: Interactive Imperfecto_01: Interactive
Version #2: Printable Puzzle Imperfecto_01: PrintablePuzzle
Answers: Use only as a last resort Imperfecto_01: Answer Sheet

Imperativo (command tense)
Version #1: Interactive Imperativo_01: Interactive
Version #2: Printable Puzzle Imperativo_01: PrintablePuzzle
Answers: Use only as a last resort Imperativo_01: Answer Sheet

Additional crucigramas will be posted regularly.
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